How to Play

EZ Lotto is simple to join and easy to play! You decide how many tickets you would like to play and how often you want to participate.

Join A Group

Joining a public group is simple! Browse through our group choices an see what you have an affinity for.


The fastest and easiest way to increase your chances of winning! 
Simply input your information and our software will automatically group you with others – just choose the size of your group. With this choice you can remain anonymous while making only a few simple decisions.



This is a great option for the adventurous, media-savvy individual or anyone who wants to create a group of individuals of their choice.

You can choose your group's interests and unifying topics. You can choose whether to make the group public or private. You can do some good when you do well: Your group can also choose a pre-screened charity to receive a percentage of any winnings. EZLotto groups are a great opportunity to stay in touch with friends who share your interests or meet new people with similar interests.



We have many established groups to choose from! From sports fans to weekend chefs—from political affiliations to cancer survivors, dog lovers to baseball fans —find a group that interests you and join in! It's a new way of meeting like-minded people and keeping on top of your interests.


Three Ways to Play

  • EZLotto Express
  • Customize a Group
  • Search Existing Groups

What our Participants Say

I travel a lot and this has been a great opportunity for me to check in with my colleagues about our lives away from work.

John Bell, Down Inc. Illinois

I signed on to my NFL team fan group and it has been awesome. We have already decided that if we win, we are all buying a block of tickets.

Matt Burthen, Crazy Patriots Fans. Director

I troll social media all the time but some of the others have gotten a little played. Now tere's something new and a chance to win some $$$$$$

Longe Missone, Masters Student. Ca.

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How much does it take to change a life?

When you ask how much people would want to win, they often tell you they'd like to win a million or more but in reality it would take substaintially leass to change your life.


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