How to Give

Support your favorite cause by choosing how much you want to donate.

EZLotto is simple! You decide how may tickets you would like to play and how often you want to participate.

It's your opportunity to do good while doing well!

Choose to donate a portion of your winnings to your favorite cause.

If you would like to donate a percentage or a monetary amount of your winnings you can choose from the many organizations and charities we have drawn together here. Say you always wished you had the money to donate to a cause--here is your chance!

We have reviewed the credentials of the organizations and they will be happy to receive the help!


Here are some of the available charities.


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How much does it take to change a life?

When you ask how much people would want to win, they often tell you they'd like to win a million or more but in reality it would take substaintially less to change your life.


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